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Teragon Labs - Proviron 25mg/tab 50tabs


Proviron from Teragon Labs is an oral steroid that has 25 mg of mesterolone in each tab. This medication has become very popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders because it has a high androgenic value with a low anabolic value. Mesterolone works to provide you with more definition and a much more solid muscle mass. Proviron also works remarkably well as an estrogen blocker meaning that it can be used in combination with certain steroids to deliver great performance enhancing results while avoiding major side effects related to estrogen. Proviron makes an excellent choice for use during a cycle as well as in a PCT program. Proviron has been shown to reduce the total amount of SHBG in the body to free up other hormones given to the body by steroids and other performance-enhancing medications to make them more effective in each muscle group. With the boosting androgenic properties proviron is very good at maintaining sex drive as well as helping androgen levels reach highs to ensure that natural testosterone production can proceed after steroid use. Most athletes that use proviron absolutely swear by it and use it in all of their cycles as well as their PCT. It really is great for providing a performance boost while blocking estrogen. The recommended dosage for women is 25 mg per day. Men should take a dose of 50 mg per day.