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Teragon Labs - Winstrol-50 50mg/tab 50tabs


Winstrol-50 (Stanozolol) from Teragon Labs is one of the most popular oral anabolic steroids derived from dihydrotestosterone. In the oral format it features a low androgenic property that doesn't generally aromatize or cause negative side effects with high anabolic properties which can aid with training and performance results. With low androgenic activity this is a great choice for women athletes looking for an edge. Most athletes that try winstrol see great results when it comes to their exercise and performance results during a workout as well as their overall muscle tone, strength and vascularity of veins. Many scientific studies have also pointed out that stanazolol may potentially have progesterone and estrogen blocking abilities making it a welcome addition to any testosterone, trenbolone or nandrolone cycle for preventing negative side effects associated with these type of steroids. Winstrol can reduce the total amount of SHBG in the body allowing any other injectable steroids or performance-enhancing medications to find their way into a free state within the bloodstream and be put to the most used during a cycle. Stanazolol is a great helping hand on its own as well as when used in combination with a variety of different steroids. The recommended dosage for women is five-10 milligrams each day selecting a different oral tab size order may be beneficial.. Men should take 50 mg each day.