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Our customers love us. We take pride in having served Canadians with a reliable, high-quality stream of products for the past 7 years. We're Canada's first choice for a reason.
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Love love love Proroid!

Love love love Proroid!! As for someone who is antisocial and not able to find sources through word of mouth, this is probably the best way to get authentic PEDs. I have ordered with them about 2 times
(will be doing another order) and received the same awesome delivery; fast and products as ordered. And yes, products work really well. I wouldn't keep ordering if they didn't lol. So if ya'll are still skeptical or have another opinion on them then that's on you. But as for me, I'm getting big with Proroid


These guys are number one in my book.

Used them many times now and always a great experience and the products work amazing. Use to buy stuff from my local gym guy but was charged an arm and a leg. These guys take the dealers out of the equation and can offer you all the items at much lower prices just due to that fact. They are not liked by many dealers as they take these people out of business. With the products only pass through one hand (them) and then to you. Please say sometimes, you get what you pay for. But when you have 3-4 dealers in the mix, you actually pay them and not what you get. You want the best, shop at the best is all I will say. offers exactly that.

Mike P.

Best Steroid site I've had experience with. Fast and reliable.

Always get back within good timing to any comments questions or complaints.
I've tried other competitors and these guys products by far out due any other on the web at this point and time. work for my husband who is a personal trainer and pro body builder.
Prices are fare and can't beat them.
I'm a true customer and have been for over a year and a half.
Would not tell anyone else differently!


Highly Recommended!

Highly recommend these guys, extremely happy with the service and delivery. Learn how to use bitcoin as then payments are a breeze.

Hanna S.